Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering group within Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering includes faculty and courses focused on travel demand modeling, traffic, intelligent transportation systems, energy and the environment, sustainability, and resilience.

Pavement Materials

The Pavement Materials group within Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering focus on advancing designs and construction practices for roadway construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation.

Planning and Geography

Within the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, planners and geographers at ASU study facility location for alternative fuels, alternative fuel and vehicle markets, equity, and land use. They administer a certificate in interdisciplinary certificate in Transportation Systems.

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

Housed within ASU's School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, the industrial engineering program is ranked in the top 20 nationally by U.S. News & World Report and is among the top programs in the western United States. The program is strongly focused in industrial statistics and quality engineering, applied operations research, production and supply-chain logistics and enterprise information systems in challenging manufacturing and service environments.

Supply Chain Management

The W. P. Carey Department of Supply Chain Management is consistently ranked Top 5 nationally for undergraduate and graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report. Their research advances knowledge in global supply chain management while focusing on issues of practical importance, and their faculty are globally recognized for expertise in procurement, supply management, operations management, logistics and supply chain performance optimization.

Aviation Management

The Aviation Programs offer comprehensive undergraduate and graduate degrees that combine academic studies with professional flight and aviation training. The year-round flying weather in the Valley of the Sun creates the best flying environment in the country. Combine that with programs that stay on the cutting edge of aviation science and technology, and you have a learning experience second to none.